Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Art of Noise Reading Response

Industrialized societies have been a key factor in shaping the concept of noise, especically for its own inhabitants. Other than its larger forces, nature is relatively quiet when compared to industrial societies. As humans began to experiment with noises and creating music communities were formed that began to establish elitist ideals concerning the value of certain noises. These ideals are also a key factor in shaping what society considers to be pleasant noise, or music. The introduction of industrial noise propelled the advancement of music with more complex instruments and orchestras. While these classical noise patterns are very appealing it was clear that in order for music to truly evolve we needed to expand our ideas of noises and instruments. Music today is comprised of countless genres and it is not uncommon for individuals to have multiple favorites.

While our acceptance of various noises as music has changed, so too has our appreciation of the artists that create them. A musical piece can be a direct result of an artist's experiences, or a representation of a person, place, or idea. The possibilities are limitless. Futurist Orchestra is an interesting concept because it takes various noises that are familiar to many individuals, takes them out of context, and combines them in various ways that create music. The noises alone are considered to be beautiful, however the art is in the varied combinations of those noises and the rhythms they create.

Taken out of context, these noises can create an experience completely unlike those they are commonly associated with. The next evolution of Futurist Orchestras could involve tuning the industrial world to the ear of individuals. This would mean inventions having more intention behind the noises they create, as well as the function of the inventions themselves. With that new practice, and many other positive ones, a society could potentially look pleasant, smell pleasant, and sound pleasant.

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