Sunday, October 21, 2018

Week 8

Week 8

  • Arduino Tutorials and Relay Lab


Final Project Proposal

Final Project Proposal

  •  Estimated Overall Cost = $45
    • Proximity Sensor (
    • Vibration Motor (
    • Touch Sensor (
    • Beanie (local)
    • Waterproofing (local)

  • Next Steps:
    • IR proximity sensor research, vs sonar and distance variations
    • Purchase components
    • Breadboarding exercise with IR proximity sensor (
    • Arduino code

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Hardware Order

Final Project Hardware List:

Experiment Hardware List:

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Week 7

Final Wearable Project and Sensor Research:

Using a temperature sensor to measure body temperature and notify the
user of their status through LEDs in a necklace. 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit,
the average normal body temperature, will be displayed at bright green.
A 1 degree variation is considered normal when performing daily
activities, however to monitor these changes the light will change to
yellow. If the temperature is 3-5 degrees above 98.6 degrees fahrenheit
it shows signs of fighting off an infection, and will be displayed at red. 

Progress on Noise Machine Re-submission:

Salvaging more parts, mainly speakers. Using new touchpoints
like furniture bolts and pen tips. Redesigning interface.

Goals for Week 8:

Purchase surface thermometer and record temperature changes on
area where the sensor would hang on the chest. Purchase temperature
and rain sensors. Solder and test noise machine re-submission.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sensor Research and Final Project Ideas

Humidity Sensor
Image result for humidity sensor 

Touch/Pressure Sensor

Image result for touch sensor 
Rain Sensor

Image result for rain sensor 

Project Idea #1: Incase tablet in mirror frame, add humidity and pressure sensors, prompt user to breathe on and rub "mirror" in order to reveal a new, random image.

Project Idea #2: Create a light show using rain sensors, so that it is only visible in the rain.

Tactile Annoisey Machine

Choosing A Victim
Disassembly Time

Drilled holes in the keys for wires, cut out back and parts of inside to fit components.
 Add Tactile Annoisey Machine

Reassembly Time


Tactile Noise Machine

The Breadboarding Process

Moving the components to a printed circuit board

Semester Conclusion Post

During the last few weeks of this semester I was really able to spend some time with my equipment and experiment with many different config...